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A complete eBook about Pectus Excavatum!

From the pectus excavatum diagnosis to a beautiful and trained upper body.
Specific exercise program for people with pectus excavatum - developed by physiotherapists.
Learn how to avoid the mental strain of pectus excavatum.
This eBook has a special chapter on the process, for parents of children with pectus excavatum.
Collection of facts and general knowledge about pectus excavatum.
Every download supports research into Pectus Excavatum surgery.

Professional exercise program

The full body exercise program, which significantly counteracts the pectus excavatum condition, and also gives you a strong well trained upper body!

The choice of exercises is based on getting the entire body trained, increasing the muscle mass and strengthening the core. Furthermore, the exercise program is particularly focused around the chest, constructed with the goal of transforming the area around your pectus excavatum.

Developed professionally by physiotherapists and targeted towards pectus excavatum.

The exercise program is included for free with the Pectus Excavatum eBook.
"The best thing I've ever done for myself!"
(Michael S. - 31 years old)
"I have never been able to do anything about my sunken chest myself, even though it inhibited me in too many ways. Especially in my youth. This guide helped me to such an extent that I can only recommend it to all in the same situation. I regret not doing anything before!"

Pectus Excavatum


First of all, THANKS for choosing to visit Pectus Excavatum.

A deformed chest can be a taboo subject and, in many cases, a negative strain for those born with the disorder.

Pectus Excavatum has put togehter this complete pectus excavatum guide as an aid to you.

We give you the knowledge of how you can transform your funnel chest into a beautiful and strong upper body. We give you the knowledge and information about the NUSS procedure. We give you an exercise program and recovery program with special exercises. A psychological knowledge about the mental strain, tips and just basic knowledge about pectus excavatum in general.

Furthermore, we share many experiences from both children and parents who have been in the same situation as you. All of this together becomes the most comprehensive pectus excavatum eBook.


eBook Content

1 Facts and general knowledge about Pectus Excavatum.

2 The physical limitation.

3 The psychological issues.

4 NUSS Procedure.

5 The surgery.

6 After Surgery.

7 Removal of the metal bar.

8 The parent chapter on the child's process.

+ Professional pectus excavatum strength exercise program.


This eBook is written for those of you with congenital Pectus Excavatum. Do you have a knot in your stomach about looking different? Do you likewise worry about your appearance if you have to take off your shirt in front of others, plus do you feel like you have no one to talk to about it?

You feel like 99% others with Pectus Excavatum!

By reading this eBook, you will find out that a funnel chest does not have to cause you anxiety.

Do you have a child with Pectus Excavatum, and are you concerned about the way it may affect him or her mentally? Do you, as a parent, want to know what your child will be undergoing and what the procedures are after surgery?

Other parents of children with Pectus Excavatum have thought the same thoughts as you!

Our Team

Several years of outstanding research has been gathered into an expert knowledge base within the funnel chest disorder, which indeed cannot be found anywhere else.

We are a team of doctors and physiotherapists researching pectus excavatum and the purpose of our work is to share the overall knowledge and experience as guidance to you. Already now we have enormous success worldwide, and we are pleased to note that we are achieving our primary goal of helping.